What to put in a Groomsmen Gift Box

What to put in a Groomsmen Gift Box

Where would you be without your best buddies? They are your brothers, your boyhood besties, your college roommates-turned-confidantes, and some are even chosen to signify your future family. You’ve handpicked these outstanding gentlemen to send you off into holy matrimony, to stand by your side as you make one of the biggest commitments you’ve ever made, and to find the laughs while you plan the big day. But now that you’ve selected the people to stand beside you, how do you pick the perfect gift for your guys?

Every guy in your wedding party is likely a different walk of life, with a unique style, and a distinctive set of traits. You may be inclined to celebrate their individuality with the gifts that you choose for them. However, gift shopping for each guy can be time-consuming, and it would be wise to save your energy for helping your bride plan the wedding. Finding something simple, but meaningful is generally the ultimate goal. You want something that honors what they mean to you but also commemorates the significance of your big day. 

When it comes to finding the right groomsmen gift, there are several things to consider. Groomsmen gifts can signify anything that feels right to you, whether you decide to make the gifts extra personal, or more general, the dynamics of the gesture will be meaningful to them, for the very reason that it’s a gift that has come from you. 

Make it about you

Instead of attempting to find individual gifts for each groomsman, reflect on your own sense of style and how they might like to remember and honor you. It’s okay to pick a theme that emulates your personal interests and fashion. For example, if you are a golfer, a set of engraved luxury golf gloves and a personalized set of high-end golf balls would be a nice gift to remember you by, even if some of your groomsmen don’t enjoy golfing at the same level as you. This same approach to gifting can be represented in your tastes in cuisine, liquors, or favorite cigars. It’s a pivotal moment in time for you to share the best part of yourself, with those who know you best, before making the leap from bachelor to blissfully coupled. 

Make it about the wedding

It’s a nice custom to gift your groomsmen with something elegant to wear on your wedding day, and beyond. Since you will already be in a uniform fashion, you may want to customize a piece that will be theirs to keep as a token of appreciation, such as personalized cufflinks, tie clips, or watches. Engraving their initials is an exquisite way to honor them and the solidarity of your friendship. Sterling silver money clips, (sported with a sizeable bill) is sure to get a favorable reaction. 

Honor the Sacred Masculinity

For many generations, getting hitched has signified the act of growing up. It’s a transition— an apprehended metamorphosis to some– that indicates the end of boyhood and the beginning of manhood. This may not align with you if you dove into the land of adulthood long ago, or if you are among the last of your friends to tie the knot. Even so, groomsmen gifts can represent the current timeline of your life, or a time you wish to be remembered by all. 

Engrave (on just about anything)

You can’t go wrong with a little customization, especially if you want to recognize these amazing men for being in it with you for the long haul. Giving them something that will last for most of their lives will be a distinct token of the relationship. Etch it with their initials, the date of the wedding, or a phrase that is significant to the friendship. 

If you are looking for something a little less traditional, and a little more modern, engraving a wooden gift box can carry a certain mystique and strangely emulate a boyhood dream of finding a buried treasure. Fill it up with an array of mementos including elegant shot glass sets and matching decanters, fine whiskey, bourbon or scotch, and good quality cigars. Need something less fragile? Embed their name on a flask bound by a leather case, or a high-quality leather day bag.

If beer is more your taste, you can give them a vintage-style laser etched beer stein coupled with some gourmet crafted brew.  

For a gift that is more functional and guaranteed to get a ton of use, engrave a high quality liner lock pocket knife or pocket leatherman tool set. You can be sure a gift like this will be appreciated for many years, and trigger a happy trip down memory lane with each use. 

Regardless of what you choose to give as your groomsmen gifts, remember that being there on your special day is an incredibly personal experience for them as well. You can be sure that any gift you choose, as long as it resonates with you personally, will be as unforgettable to them as the day itself.