Wedding House Party Gift Box Proposals

Wedding House Party Gift Box Proposals

What’s a bride to do when she has too many friends? It’s a nice problem to have, but nonetheless, it can bring about a few challenges when planning a wedding. If you are torn between having a huge bridal party and avoiding hurt feelings, you may want to consider implementing the tradition of a Wedding House Party. 

What’s a Wedding House Party?

A popular southern tradition in weddings, the House Party is a solution that is inclusive without causing overextension. House Parties generally consist of close family and friends that for one reason or another can’t be included in the bridal party. While being too popular might be a common reason for having a wedding party, sometimes it may make sense for someone who can’t make the commitment of being a bridesmaid, but would still love to play an integral role in your special day. 

The people you choose to add to your wedding party are honored and recognized in the wedding program with specific roles, have a large presence in many of the wedding photographs, and are often invited to participate in the get-ready rituals. While house party members do not participate in the ceremony, it is a lovely choice to have the wedding party sit together and choose wedding attire that is consistent with the wedding color theme. 

How to decide if a Wedding Party is Right for you

While it doesn’t make sense to add a House Party unless your guest list is on the larger side, if there is one thing we’ve learned about planning a wedding, it’s that there are no rules– only guidelines from which to draw your favorite traditions from. Wedding Party roles can be anything from greeting guests and handing out wedding programs, to having a distinguished title of “The Fun Ambassador”. 

On that note, it’s not unheard of to choose to be surrounded with friends in a non-traditional way on the day of wedding. Gender neutrality has become more and more common as many brides and grooms are blessed with both male and female besties. Here are some creative titles for Wedding Parties that align with a less traditional wedding vibe: 

Pew Crew

Groom Squad

Matrimoney Homies

The Nuptial Cabinet

The Commitment Crew

The Wedding Posse


Bride Minions

“I do” Crew

Friends of Honor

Proposing to your House Party

Now that you have a fantastic vision for who will be included in your House Party, set those roles in motion with proposal gifts. After all, the measure of a good celebration is all in the fun, and there is no better way to set the tone than with a wedding party gift box for your special peeps. Nice to meet you, we speak the language of extraordinary gift boxes ideas! As your champion of gift-giving splendor, we had a blast putting together some unique ideas for your House Party Proposal Gift. 

Start the gift-giving fun with any of these cute and clever gift boxes. Any one of these boxes will do, but we’ve got plenty more to choose from!

House Party Print Ideas

Throw Confetti Print

Image of Greetabl gift with wording, "Throw Confetti and Pop Champagne!!"

Fun Times Ahead Print

Image of Greetabl gift with the image, "Fun Times Ahead"

This Will Be Fun Print

Image of Greetabl gift with the wording, "This Will Be Fun"

Our multifunctional gift boxes also feature a perfect space to write out a meaningful proposal to your house party peeps. All that’s left is to ask: “Will you be in my House Party?”

House Party Gift Ideas

There won’t be any cold feet at this celebration! We’ve picked out some delicious treats that can be included in your Wedding Party Proposal box, as well as a few other gender-neutral gift ideas that are sure to get a positively perfect response every time. Don’t see anything here that tickles your fancy? Check out our complete gift list and choose something that feels right for your wedding day persons.

Bridal Confetti

Smiles can not be contained when there is confetti in the air!

A little goes a long way and there is no better way to get a party started than with a little mix of glittery happiness. 

Champagne Bubbles

Pop the Champagne Bubbles for the big ask! These non-alcoholic sips of sweetness are perfect for the little wedding peeps like flower girls and ring bearers. Dressed up in tiny white nonpareils, each juicy little bite bursts with the flavors of the finest champagne. 

Travel Flask

If you’re gonna make them sit on the sidelines, you might as well let them start celebrating earlier than anyone else. A perfect gender neutral gift for your favorite party peeps. It’s a gift that will be enjoyed for many celebratory events… and… well… just events in general. 

Chocolate or Candy

Deliciousness is never a bad idea!

Stone Shot Glass

Pump up the spirits! These chillable soapstone shot glasses let your wedding house party know that you think they are super cool, and you can’t wait to raise a glass with them on your special day.