Everything You Need to Know About Asking any kind of Sister to be a Bridesmaid in Your Wedding

Everything You Need to Know About Asking any kind of Sister to be a Bridesmaid in Your Wedding

Congratulations on finding your mister! Now, let’s talk about your sister. Don’t deny it. She knows you better than you know yourself. She is the person who has your back even when she disagrees with you. She may compete with you, but it only results in you becoming a better version of yourself. She completes you in ways you cannot even begin to put into words. 

Sisters make everything better, and sometimes they complicate things. If that’s the case for you—we get it. Planning a wedding amplifies every personality in your life. But it leads to the most beautiful day ever, with the sisters who love you most standing by your side. 

Before you get into the full swing of planning your wedding, you’ll want to get your bridal party in tow. That means there are a few more proposals that need to happen, and they need to come from you. If your sisters are blood-related, you’ve known them your whole life. There is a lot of history there. Same with cousins— she may feel like your sister, so it’s okay to call her that, and perhaps you already do.

You may have girlfriends that are as close to you as your skin, and the word “friend” just never felt like an accurate label. Because they are much more than that. They are your soul sisters and you would never hesitate to call them that. You’d walk through fire for them and you know they would do the same for you. 

We know that you have questions, hesitations, uncertainty about who to choose as your bridesmaids. Some you have known you want by your side since you first met your partner, and others you will feel obligated to ask. We know it’s a big decision to make, so if you’ve already got your list, let’s get your amazing bridal party ready to celebrate your big day, starting with the most perfect bridesmaid proposal for each one. 

Let’s be real. Most of your besties and sisters are already expecting you to propose, (like you need any more pressure!) so take your time in preparing for the big ask.

How to craft the perfect bridesmaid proposal message:

Someone who is this close to your heart, who makes your life just a little easier to be in, is often so much a part of you that it’s hard to convey in words. We recommend starting with a few journal exercises. Put a pen to paper and follow these tasks:

Exercise #1)  Let’s talk about your love story.

No, not the one you have with your fiance, silly. Write out all the other love stories that have contributed to who you are. Your sisters and besties are a part of you— because it’s through their eyes and through your experiences with them that you became the woman that your partner fell in love with. 

How did you meet?

What did you think of her when you first met?

How do you feel about her now in comparison?

What are your favorite memories of them?

What are your worst memories?

Exercise #2)  Finish this phrase:

I love you because… (We gave you a few examples to get you started. You’re welcome.)

I can call you at 3 am when I am spiraling into a place of doom over something that won’t matter to me in a few days, and you will sit there and listen and let me rant until I am tired enough to attempt sleep. 

You laugh at my bad jokes— and not in a polite way— like you legitimately find me funny when you absolutely shouldn’t. Now that’s love.

You never hesitate to tell me the truth about everything, even when it hurt, because you know in the end it will be best for me.

Exercise #3) Finish this phrase:

I want you standing next to me because… (We’ll help you fill in the rest.)

To Your Bridesmaid proposal for your Sister by Blood

There are likely very few words to describe your relationship with your sister, and so we wouldn’t begin to try. That’s because even the best sisterhoods are always deeply complicated. That tends to happen when you have a long history with someone. You are likely tighter than two people can be. There is no one in the world who can get you quite as worked up as she can, but you also know that there isn’t a thing you wouldn’t do for her happiness, even at the expense of your own. Along with other members of your family, she’ll also be giving you away on your big day, and that can be pretty emotional for her. No matter where you are in your relationship with your sister, an important celebration like your wedding day can bring you closer than ever before. 

Got Multiple Sisters?

Yeppers, this can get tricky in some families. If you are sticking to the tradition of having only one Maid of Honor, you might expect that your other sister(s) could feel like they have been given a lesser distinction, resulting in some hurt feelings. Do not fret as there are many good options here. 

For one thing, if you are the first one to get married, you can call a family meeting and suggest that the Maid of Honor role get passed forward down the line, by age, and will eventually come back to you. Of course, if there are an even number of sisters this makes things easier as you can agree on a sister buddy plan. Whatever you can do to predetermine the coveted role of Maid of Honor will make things easier in the long run. Or, in some cases, it will be more easily accepted for you to choose the sister who is closest in age. Therefore, you’ll want to look for some opportunities for your other sister(s) to be given the spotlight, either during the ceremony or at the reception. If you have a wedding program or a website, be sure to write a profoundly loving and personal introduction for all your sisters and tell your guests what she means to you. Don’t get caught up in any drama that may distract from the fact that as your sister, serving anywhere in the wedding party is a great honor. 

Blood Sister Bridesmaid Poem

There’s no better friend than a sister 

And no better sister than you

You’ve always been there for me

Someone I can turn to. 

You’ve shared my joys and sorrows

My laughter and my tears

You’ve been my inspiration 

All through the years.

When we were little children

We laughed and played together

When we grew up you stood by me 

Through good and stormy weather

The keeper of my secrets

A supporter of my dreams

A shoulder when I need to cry

You’re always on my team.

I’ve got my something borrowed, 

Something old, blue and new

But I need my sister by my side

Before I say “I do”

You are my special sister

But I hope you will be more

If you say you’ll be my bridesmaid

I’ll be happy to the core. 

Bridesmaid Proposal for your Sister Cousin

It makes sense that you are related because she has never felt like anything other than family, but if you were told she was your sister, you wouldn’t know the difference. In some cases, your cousin may be the closest thing you’ve ever had to a sister. You have no doubt that she will always be in your life and you want to commemorate this sisterhood by asking her to stand with you on the big day. 

Sister Cousin Bridesmaid Poem

You are my cousin, but you’ve always felt like more 

We are as close as sisters, and I know it in my core.

You’ll always be my family, no matter what lies ahead,

But today I want to ask you to be something else instead.

You probably guess where all this is heading 

Since I’m getting married and planning my wedding,

You’re so important to me, the closest family I’d never trade,

I hope you will do the honor of being my bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid Proposal for your Soul Sister 

If it’s possible to love someone unconditionally, you may have found it in your long time best friend. She’s the one you can’t see your life without. She’s always been there, as long as you can remember. You’ve had your share of fights— but just like real sisters— you don’t get to walk away, because that is not what sisters do. When you are in the sisterhood, you are there for eternity. She’s your soul sister through and through. 

Sister Friend Bridesmaid Poem

For as long as I can remember

We’ve shared our lives together.

My dearest friend for life, as close as family

I’ve always called you sister and will continue, happily. 

You’ve been by my side through every up and down,

No matter how lost I felt, you always got me found.

I can’t imagine my wedding day without you

I need you standing next to me when I say “I do”.

Yes, you are more like a sister, as my life long friend

I’m better for knowing you, and I’d choose you again and again. 

We’ve held each other’s hand through every crusade

Please say you’ll do me the honor of being my bridesmaid.

Bridesmaid Proposal for your Sister-in-law

You may have some new sisters coming into your life due to your impending nuptials. 

Sisters-in-law, cousins-in-law, best-friends-in-law…now that you are getting married, you are likely to inherit all of them. While it may be hard for you to imagine it now, these are the women you will likely be spending the rest of your life with— for all the big family holidays, vacations, momentous occasions, and even the tragedies that are presented in our lives. It may be hard to see them as your sister now but there is no telling what the future holds and your wedding day might be the moment this a new sisterhood begins. Don’t forget about brother-in-law’s wife, because she will be an important part of your life as well. Incorporating them into your process may not feel relevant now, but one day it will, and you will be glad you did. 

Sister-in-law Bridesmaid Poem

The day of the wedding our families will blend.

You’ll be my sister, and forever my friend.

It’s just the beginning of our brand new life

As your brother and I become husband and wife.

To make the day special, and make memories to last

There is an important favor of you I’d like to ask.

Please be my bridesmaid when I walk down the aisle

The day wouldn’t be as special without your lovely smile.

What the future holds for us one can only guess

Please know it is my greatest wish for you to answer “YES”

Now that you’ve crafted the perfect message, you’ll want to think about the perfect gifts to go with your Bridesmaid proposals. We’ve got you covered there, too. 

First, we’ve got a ton of ideas for you listed in Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Your Bridesmaids

If it’s a box you want to fill, check out A Beautiful Box for Your Bridal Party.

And for some more unique ideas about How to Pop the Question to Your Wedding Peeps, you’ll love this one too!

Ways to Present Your Bridesmaid Sister Proposals

Once you’ve selected the poems you want to use, or even just the heartfelt words you’ve chosen to put in a letter, it’s time to have fun getting fancy with them!  Consider these unique ideas:

💐   If you don’t have a calligraphy hand, print the poems out on elegant and good quality paper. Frame and wrap in a gift box, or use them as part of the gift boxes themselves.

💐   Fold the poem up and seal it up in a decorous envelope with premium sealing wax and a monogrammed stamp. Strategically place on a plate setting, or lay it on top of a gift.

💐   Use the poem as a centerpiece for a decorative shadow box that is filled with photographs, and other meaningful items that are significant to the two of you.

💐   Got a knack for music? Write out a simple tune and sing the poem proposal. Make a recording and send it in an email, or post it on social media. 

Finally, take a look at these lovely ladies and see them for what they are— the matriarchs of the family. Share the power of the sisterhood in your ritualistic nuptials, and when you look back at your wedding album decades from now, you’ll be oh so glad you did.