The Wedding Guest Checklist: 9 Things to Remember Headed Into The Summer 2021 Wedding Season

The Wedding Guest Checklist: 9 Things to Remember Headed Into The Summer 2021 Wedding Season

The world is opening back up and so are all. the. things. It’s easy to get swept away in the hustle and bustle because let’s face it – these are exciting times. 

All those 2020 post-poned weddings? They’re happenin’ now, baby. 

We can hear the (wedding) bells. 

But with the increase of events on the social calendar, there’s an increase of responsibility that happens as default. While this isn’t a bad thing, there are more opportunities to drop the ball in the midst of all the new distractions. Womp womp womp.

Don’t fret, though! We at Greetabl are determined to make you the very best sister, co-worker, friend, daughter, or mom you can be – so we’re compiling a list of things to remember to keep you organized. What we’re tackling today? Inspiring you to be the best guest at alllll your upcoming weddings. Grab your notebook and get comfy, ladies and gents. 

Here are our top things to remember while preparing to be a guest for the upcoming wedding season:

Order the Gift

Like, right now. Hop on the couple’s wedding registry early and don’t procrastinate. We’re seeing the impact of COVID-related factory closures, meaning many home-related items are backordered for weeks or months on end. The housing market is also soaring to record highs, so doing the simpe math… increased demand + decreased supply = order your shower and wedding gifts


RSVP’ing to a wedding is the task you love to procrastinate. But with most couples pre-addressing the envelope and providing a stamp, it really is as simple as checking a box. Ensure you RSVP so the couple isn’t wasting time tracking you down (or worse, not including you in their numbers). 

It’s the polite thing to do. Plus, you don’t want to be “that” person. 

Confirm the +1 

If you’re single, 1) ensure you have a +1 on your invite ( don’t bring someone if you were not given a guest!) and 2) secure your hot wedding date.

Remember, if you don’t want to bring someone, you don’t have to!

Request Time Off

We need not explain, right? 

Book the Hotel or Airbnb 

Travel is hot, hot, hot right now. With everyone looking to be anywhere but their own house, reservations are booking faster than you can say Jack Robinson.

TLDR: If the wedding is out of town, book a room ASAP!

Plan Transportation 

On the same note as the above, don’t forget to plan your transportation. Book the rental car, schedule the Uber, ask a friend to pick you up from the airport… whatever the mode, ensure to solidify plans! 

Schedule a Hair and/or Nail Appointment

While not *necessary*, we all know a fresh haircut and mani/pedi do wonders for your confidence. After the lockdown, stylists are scheduling a month or more in advance! Plan ahead and ensure you get on their calendar. You know what they say about the early bird…

Pack Your Bags (In Advance!) 

Because we always can hear our moms saying, “It’s better to have and not need than need and not have.” 

Consider bringing the following: 

  • Change of shoes
  • Bandaids 
  • Pain reliever
  • Small water bottle
  • Touch-up makeup 
  • Blotting sheets
  • Sunglasses
  • Tampons or pads
  • Cash 
  • Tissues
  • Breath mint
  • Toothbrush/floss
  • Sunscreen
  • Deodorant
  • Mini perfume
  • Jacket or shawl
  • Tums

Offer Assistance

Ask the bride or groom if you can be of assistance. You never know what unassigned task they might be dying to get off their plate.


We are thrilled weddings are back. Remember to have fun. Don’t get caught up in date drama or obsess about the 5 pounds you wish you would’ve lost beforehand. This is an extra special time to celebrate with your closest people. If 2020 gave us anything, it’s gratitude for in-person togetherness! Let go of the rest ❤️