Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Be Your Bridesmaid

Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Be Your Bridesmaid

Congrats on your engagement! If you are like most brides-to-be, the giddiness hasn’t even worn off yet from your own marriage proposal. I mean, what’s not to be ecstatic about? You’ve got the engagement ring, the fiancé, and you’ve been dreaming about this amazing day since you were 12. You’ve said yes to spending your life with the person you’ve fallen madly in love with, and yes to planning the biggest event of your life. (Gah!)

If you haven’t gotten there already, this is where excitement can turn to overwhelm. Unless, you come up with a well-rounded strategy, starting with recruiting the best bridal gang that will give you all the support you need. 

So take a deep breath (stop obsessively searching on Pinterest for bridesmaid proposal ideas!) and follow our very simple, very effective, very creative, and super low-stress ways to assemble your wedding planning team. 

We’ve compiled a bunch of clever tips for choosing your ideal bridal party plus plenty of creative ways to offer them the role. 

Who Should You Ask?

Okay, brutal truth. We gotta level with ya here— you have to be smart when it comes to building your bridal dream team. Because a top-notch squad can make all the difference in the planning of your wedding (as well as your sanity!). When it comes to choosing the gals (and maybe some guys) who will be standing by your side as you say “I do”, we know all the different options you may be presented with. It may be throwing you for a loop. 

You’ve got your bridesmaids that will have to be asked out of obligation (gotta appease your family and his family too!) bridesmaids who mean the world to you, but let’s face it, won’t be much for helping you plan (or sigh might even hinder the process) and bridesmaids who will without a doubt be an extra right arm and the reason your wedding day will go off without a hitch. 

Merely thinking about it might give you hives, and cause you to wonder if you shouldn’t conduct interviews for these extraordinarily important roles. (This is not a bad idea, actually!) Now that the cat is out of the bag, and you’ve likely announced to the entire world that you’ve gotten engaged, many of your besties will be waiting for you to propose to them. 

Let’s face it, your marriage proposal was probably not a huge surprise. (I mean really, you’ve been dating and dropping hints for how long now?. A bridesmaid proposal is not so different. Before committing to your line-up, it’s okay to have some casual discussions with your BFFs about what it would mean if they became a part of your wedding crew, the expectations of your big day, and what all the planning will entail. These conversations will reveal who is ready for big-time responsibilities, all the costs of being a bridesmaid, who understands that the big day belongs to you and your fiancé. You may find that they are better suited for other roles in your house party because they are long-distance, or there is a financial burden, or they are dealing with something else in their life that will prevent them from giving you the support you need. 

How should you ask them?

We’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this one, because we’ve got ideas coming out our ears with all the different ways to ask someone to be in your Bridal Party with unique gifts, how to ask your sister, and a brilliant guide to bridesmaid proposals.

Clearly, there are a million ways to do this thing, but only one way that is perfect for you, and the best way for you to figure that out is to follow your intuition. You are loved for who you are, and your proposals should reflect this in all the best ways. Whether you are looking for the ultimate proposal creatively, the funniest way to propose, or the least expensive, the perfect proposal from you will also be designed by you.

Do it with a Poem

From traditional to funny, a poem is a great way to ask your friends and family to stand by you on your wedding day. Write your own, borrow from us, or make a hybrid inspired by other poems seen online. 

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Poem

I hope that you will be there, (bridesmaid’s name),

On my beautiful wedding day.

Having you as my bridesmaid

Will mean more than I can say.

I will be comforted to have you there,

As I walked down that aisle.

Because you give me confidence

Whenever I see your smile.

I can’t imagine marrying (groom’s name),

Without you standing near.

So please say yes dear (name),

And fill my heart with cheer.

Once you’ve got your poem written, here are some creative ways to present it!

  • Print on pretty paper and frame it. Then wrap as a gift and give individually or as part of a group brunch.
  • Have decorative cards made up at a print shop and include it with a bridesmaid proposal gift box. 
  • Send them a bridesmaid gift box that also doubles as the card! (Don’t be fooled by the super cuteness of the gifts…we know how to make cheap gifts look expensive!)
  • Create your own bridesmaid shadow box and prominently feature the poem on the inside of the box. Decorate the box and fill it with gifts that suit your tribe, or begin to prepare them for their bridesmaid roles. 

Do it with Quotes

If an elaborate proposal isn’t your style, a simple but meaningful quote can be all you need to punch up a casual bridesmaid proposal via text. If you are struggling to find just one perfect quote, try finding one that is uniquely suited for each person that you are asking. These should get your creative juices flowing…but don’t feel limited to these. You can find meaningful quotes in song lyrics, literature, or even in the script of your favorite TV show or movie:

  • Bridesmaids don’t just share the bride’s joy, they multiply it.
  • A bridesmaid’s superpowers include loyalty, humor, and punctuality.
  • A bride can always count on her bridesmaids to lift her up.
  • Keep calm and bridesmaid on.
  • Pop the bubbly. I’m getting a hubby!

Famous Quotes about Bridesmaids and Best Girlfriends:

  • “They say nothing lasts forever. Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style.” –  Sarah Jessica Parker
  • “Asking your friend to be a bridesmaid is one of the modern paradoxes: no one actually wants to do it, but everyone would be offended if you didn’t ask.” – Mindy Kaling
  • “You think your friends have good taste in fashion until they ask you to wear an ugly bridesmaid dress!” – Wendi McLendon-Covey
  • “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you; spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” – Amy Poehler
  • “We all wish there were more ‘Bridesmaids’ out there.” – Gillian Jacobs
  • “It’s not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that counts.” – J. M. Laurence
  • “It’s not that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s your best friends who are your diamonds.” – Gina Barreca
  • “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” – Helen Keller
  • “A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride.”- Alfred Tennyson

Do it On-Brand

This works especially well if you already have your wedding theme picked out, or you are planning a destination wedding. Keep in mind that if most of your bridal party will be traveling for the wedding, you can create a destination theme for just about anywhere! Fill your bridesmaid boxes with gag gifts associated with the theme of your wedding, and include a clever poem that fits with the location. Here are some examples: 

  • Southwestern themed
    • Cowgirl themed magnets and stickers
    • Bandana
    • Rock candy Jelly beans
    • Gourmet Chips and Salsa
    • Mini bottle of Tequila
    • Mini Cactus
  • A Mountain Wedding
    • ‘Smores kit
    • Gourmet Hot Chocolate
    • Mini Bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream
    • Flint
    • Bug Spray
    • Compass
  • Beach or Island themed
    • Sunglasses
    • Sandcastle building tools
    • Coconut suntan lotion
    • Beach blown hair cream
    • Pina Colada Mix 
    • Mini bottle of Carribbean Rum
  • Southern Hospitality
    • Bag of Grits
    • Gourmet jam 
    • Homemade Biscuits and Gravy
    • Mini bottle of Southern Comfort
    • Small Kentucky or Louisiana Succulents

Do it with Wit

Not everyone has big budgets for big weddings, but that doesn’t mean your special day has to take a creative hit. What you lack in funding, you can always make up with clever ideas. Set the tone with these sharp-witted proposal ideas that are so ingenious, people won’t notice that they didn’t cost much! Add a punny note with the proposal. Here are some examples:

  • Leave a large frozen cube in a tray on their doorstep with a mini-hammer. Frozen inside (wrapped in plastic) a note that says “Now that you’ve broken the ice, will you be my bridesmaid?”
  • Leave them a box of Cookies, Candy or Cupcakes with a card that says “It would be really sweet if you would be my bridesmaid.”
  • Put a ring pop in a decorative box
  • Send balloons or small bouquet of flowers
  • Leave a plant on their doorstep

Do it in your own words

Maybe nothing above feels right to you, and it may be because you are a spoken-from-the-heart kinda gal. If this is true for you, you may want to consider asking your favorite friends to stand next to you in a well thought out and personal letter.

But where to start? Even the most elegant and classy wordsmiths can get tongue tied and blocked when it matters most. Proposing to your bridesmaid besties can be so emotional that the most well spoken and poignant part of yourself simply goes numb. 

But we know from experience that once you start drafting out your ideas, the rest will start to flow effortlessly. *Important Tip* Don’t start writing until you’ve already drafted several versions of your letter. Even if you want it to sound off the cuff and casual, the letter will be more meaningful (and likely kept as an important keepsake) if you take your time with several different versions. 

A good place to start is with a fun memory that you share together (or several!), why you admire her as a friend, how your life changed for the better when you met, or a meaningful quote that captured the essence of your friendship. To help unblock you, we’ve found some heart-warming and soul-stirring passages that you can always add to bring eloquence to your letter:

  • When I was a little girl, I always imagined what my wedding would be like, and the kind of friends I hoped to have standing by my side. 
  • The day I got proposed to, I thought it would be the hardest decision to figure out who my bridesmaids would be. But, I was wrong. It was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever made in my life. 
  • Friends have come and gone, but through everything, you have always been by my side. You loved and supported me when I needed it most. And now I want to celebrate my wedding day with you by my side.
  • We have the kind of friendship that lasts no matter the time or distance between us. Whenever we are together, it feels like we just picked right up where we left off.  
  • No matter where life takes us, I know we will always be in each other’s life. 
  • You are the sister I never had. You are my family. You are my forever person. You are my home.
  • I feel so blessed to have you in my life. As we’ve gotten older, we’ve grown and matured together. You’ve seen me at every stage in my life and accepted me. 
  • Thank you for being my number one fan and having faith in me when I lost hope. 
  • I couldn’t imagine celebrating the momentous occasion without you by my side. It won’t feel real unless I can share it with my best friend.
  • When I met you, my whole world opened up. 
  • You taught me the meaning of “friend”.
  • I’ve been so blessed to know you and to call you my friend.
  • One thing is certain, no matter where my life takes me, I want you in it. 
  • Life is better when you are standing next to me, experiencing it with me.