Tips for Giving the Best Wedding Gifts EVER

Tips for Giving the Best Wedding Gifts EVER

So, you need a fantastic wedding gift for a fantastic couple. This is no ordinary couple — it’s a couple that means a lot to you, and there will be no denying it once your waterworks come out. Maybe they are your besties, or maybe you are the one who introduced them. Whatever the reason, this gift needs to be better than classic and beyond practical. (No pressure or anything! Sheesh.)

Sure, you could always go to the happy couple’s wedding registry and buy them a matching place setting (along with a bunch of other people who will get them the same exact thing). I mean, why not? They specifically asked for the gifts on their registry, so you can’t go wrong, right? Sure! It’s appropriate for most guests to choose a wedding gift off the registry. It is also fine if you are merely acquaintances with the couple, or if you are a distant relative who was invited as a courtesy by the groom’s mother.

Actually, to be clear, we’re not saying it’s a bad idea to go find something on the registry. The bride and groom handpicked gifts that they hoped their friends and family would get for them. So a registry gift will never be something that they didn’t want. 

But registries are for guests that are okay to play it safe. If you are extra close to the bride and groom, a registry gift won’t cut it. And you’ll feel it in your bones that you could have done more. In fact, you are probably trying to avoid this by running online searches at this very moment for “extra special wedding gifts” because it’s important to you that your gift stand out above the rest. You want your gift to be anything but boring, but more than that you want it to be unique and personal– so that the moment they open the box, they know exactly how much they mean to you, and they will never forget who gave it to them each and every time they use it.

Finding the perfect wedding gift doesn’t have to be a herculean task, although the more you search, the more you are considering throwing in the towel and going back to the registry. (So what if they can’t tell which plate was yours 10 years from now?) The good news is that we know exactly what you are going through and we absolutely get the kind of gift you are desperately searching for. Go ahead and breathe because we’ve put together a great list of exceptionally unique gifts that will express the love you have for the married couple, and guaranteed to remain special to them even several decades from now. What’s more, these gift ideas won’t be too costly and will do more than just stand out. They will also stand the test of time. 

Wedding Gifting Tips 

Whenever possible, PERSONALIZE it. Engrave it, Etch it, or Monogram that puppy. Whatever it is, there will be no denying it belongs to them with their name on it. Plus, you’ll seem like a rock star friend for going the extra mile to have something custom made for them. Add the date of their wedding, or a special quote that signifies the relationship. It takes a special friend to personalize a gift, and it will ensure you and your thoughtfulness will not be forgotten. 

Create a Gift Theme. If you want to be a gift-giving master, this is a sure way to get your wedding gifts talked about. Creative and fun, the possibilities are truly endless! Find the connective thread for two or three smaller items, and pull them together in a decorative gift box for one grand experience. We’ve listed a few ideas below, but if you need help creating your own, you can always find inspiration by starting with a book. Pick a topic and then have fun gathering different variations on that theme. Bonus points if you can find some creative wordplay to tie in the theme on the gift card. 

If you MUST choose something from the registry, spruce it up with a creative personal touch. For example, if they requested a fancy pasta dish, use it as the foundation of a pasta themed gift box. Throw in some pasta tongs, a cheese grater, and a garlic press. In fact, if you are the procrastinating type, you may find yourself late to the registry with very few items available that are substantial. If the only thing there is a spatula, build a theme around it with some gourmet pancake mix and a new hot griddle. 

See? Gifting is so much fun once you get going!

If you are going to give money, at least do it in a memorable way. Some couples may ask for cash to fund a bigger purchase, such as a honeymoon. You may be wondering how to give money in a creative and memorable way. Origami is always fun!

But also, you might consider wrapping the money up with a smaller gift specific to the reason for funding in the first place. For example, if it’s for their honeymoon, pair it with matching mini travel cases or customized travel tags. If they are saving for a downpayment on a house, pair it with a name sign to hang on their front door. You get the picture. 

Eat, Drink, and be Married!

We’ve scoured the internet for all the most clever wedding gifts we could find (so you don’t have to!). If you don’t find the perfect gift for the special couple below, we’ll eat our hats. 

THEME: Travel! Personalized Map with push pins + matching passport holders

If you know for a fact that the couple plans to travel often, (or perhaps they already do) give them a little something to keep track of all the places they have yet to visit. A beautiful map of the world may be just the inspiration they need to keep on globe trotting. We know you can find some clever wordplay here for the gift card!

THEME: Fancy Booze! Engraved Decanter Set + Luxury Scotch Whiskey + Book on International Liquors

For the fine liquor consoeurs couple. A gorgeous crystal piece with matching crystal tumblers is sure to be displayed proudly and experienced frequently. Especially elegant – and will be especially appreciated – if you have their monograms etched in. 

THEME: Fancy Cocktails! Book on Mixology + Mini Mixers + shaker + stir spoon + shot glasses

For the spirited couple, make them a wedding gift bar box to enhance all that entertaining they’ll do together. Everyone knows the right cocktail can turn any occasion into a fun memory. The wedding was just the beginning of bad-ass celebrations. Cocktails, here we come.

His and Hers Terry Cloth Robes + Couples Spa Gift Voucher

This is a gift that is sure to bring the oohs and ahhs. Personalize these after-shower beauties with embroidery and they will be wearing these same robes when they are celebrating 25 years together. If you want to go even further, include some monogrammed shower soaps and throw in a few loofahs. (Everything is always better with a loofah!) 

His and Hers Matching Wedding Ring Dishes + Luxury Ring Cleaner

Something valuable for their valuables, etch a matching set with their name and the date of their wedding to have and to hold all that is precious. A great opportunity for gift card word play so take advantage!

THEME: Travel! Luggage Set with custom made leather tags

You may decide to get them their chosen luggage set on a registry, but you can always add your own bit of creative flair with a set of personalized leather address tags. Adding just a little touch of “them” is a lovely sentiment. 

Personalized cutting board with knife block

When kitchen items such as these are all that’s left on the registry, having it engraved is sure to make the gift extra special. Use the same logic to customize vases, serving trays, and even his and hers matching aprons.

His and Hers Silhouette Pillows + AirBnB Gift Card

Silhouettes can be easily added to any kind of fabric, so giving the happy couple special travel pillows are an excellent gift to pair with a little weekend getaway. Creativity is the name of the game. If the pillows aren’t feasible, personalize matching overnight bags for a quick getaway!

THEME: Picnic! Embroidered Outdoor Blanket + Etched Picnic Basket

Highly practical and incredibly unique this is one gift that every couple will love. A gift that very few people think of, it may become your go-to wedding gift after you see the reaction. With a future filled with many outdoor concerts, summer movie nights in the park, or picnics on the beach, they’ll have gratitude for this ready to go picnic set for many years. 

THEME: Outdoor Fun! His and Hers Tailgate Folding Chairs + Personalized Cooler + frisbee

Similar to the gift above, any part of it can be customized for the sports loving couple, or etched in love for their shared alma mater. Throw in a frisbee, football or any other fun activity to round out this fun tailgate box. There is definite wordplay opportunity here.

THEME: Dessert Kit! Glass Ice Cream Bowls + Ice Cream Scooper + gourmet jars of fudge, caramel, and sprinkles

A sweet gift for an especially sweet couple, this delicious set is always a good excuse for the happy couple to indulge together. Throw in a coffee table book on how to build the best ice cream sundaes and you can be sure this gift will get talked about! Easy to theme and easy to wordplay.

THEME: Wine! Wine Glasses + Membership to Wine of the Month Club or Anniversary Wine Box

Imagine learning that every month the couple will get a new bottle of wine to taste! It’s the gift that keeps on giving long after they’ve unwrapped the last gift. Another idea for a wine loving couple is to gift them 3 wine bottles– for 3 anniversaries: 1 year, 3 years and 5 years.

Moscow Mules Cocktail set + Ginger Beer and Vodka + Cocktail Book

Keep the party going with fancy copper mule mugs that refresh the taste buds and complement premium liquors and ginger ale or ginger beer. Make sure they know you’ll be over every weekend to taste their latest cocktail creations. I mean, it’s only fair. 

Personalized Framed Wedding Invitation 

Always a lovely sentiment, this framed piece will likely be featured on a mantel for many years, and in every home they own. Help them preserve the memory of their wedding day, right where it all began– with the invitation. 

THEME: Baking Kit! Dessert recipe book + Cookie Cutter shapes + wooden rolling pin + cooling tray

It doesn’t have to be all about cookies. Create a gift box with pie making accessories and a recipe of famous pies. This is a wonderful way to tie together all those smaller gifts that they may have registered for, but have been left over by their guest list. Those little items can become the perfect inspiration for last minute wedding gifts.

Framed Painted Portrait of the Couple

If you are looking for something truly special that will express your love for your married friends, this is a gift that will never be topped by anyone. Nab a picture of the bride and groom together, hire an artist to draw or paint a portrait with the wedding date etched at the bottom. Take extra pride in having the portrait framed and wrapped carefully. This is a gift that will likely generate a few tears, we can almost guarantee it. 

Engraved 1st Year Anniversary Photo Frame + Voucher for Photo Shoot

Many couples like to celebrate their one year anniversary by taking pictures with a professional photographer. This is a great way to beat them to the punch and wish them a happy first year before anyone else does.